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Modular Wiring Overview

The NOCOM Modular Wiring Systems greatly simplify the installation of equipment and power distribution in new buildings or retrofits. Equipment is supplied with Interceptors and interconnection is accomplished using NOCOM Distribution Boxes, Joiner Cable Sets, or Starter Cable Sets connected to standard junction boxes.

Cable Sets can be connected or disconnected under load enabling for instant verification of circuit continuity and provide a safe environment for installers and maintenance workers. Through this feature, equipment becomes portable and can be easily serviced or reconfigured reducing your cost per fixture on installation, maintenance, or renovation.

All electrical components are CSA approved and/or UL Listed.


Versatile - Designed for use in ceilings, under floor, walls and systems furniture.

Cost-Effective - Substantially reduces installation time.

Flexible - Easily reconfigured.

Proven - Currently installed in a number of industrial, commercial and institutional spaces.

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20 Good Reasons for Connecting with Nocom

Studies have proven Nocom’s Modular Wiring Systems (MDW) reduces labour costs compared to to hard wiring methods by 80 per cent – here are 20 reasons to choose Nocom over standar modular wiring systems.

  • Nocom provides the industry’s best under floor and above floor and above ceiling wiring using only five basic thermoplastic units.
  • Nocom component designs prevent mismatching units.
  • Nocom’s modules are moulded to armored cable and fitted electrical grade brass connectors for durability and long life.
  • Nocom’s manufactured modules transform labour costs into capital cost appreciation for the owner.
  • Nocom’s product simplicity assists planning and implementation of fast-track construction schedules.
  • Nocom’s colour-coded components are immediately identifiable.
  • Nocom’s recessed male/female junctions ensure safe and secure connections every time.
  • Nocom cable sets come in standard lengths of 4, 8 & 12 meters; custom lengths are available upon request.
  • Nocom supplies custom wiring harnesses on request at very competitive prices to alternative wiring systems.
  • Nocom CSA approved and UL listed components permit making or breaking circuits safely under load.
  • Nocom components support circuits of 120, 208, 250, 277, 347, or 600 volts, colour coded.
  • Nocom’s low profile Fixture Interceptor permits flush mounting in pre–lamped, wired lensed fixtures at the factory for damage–free shipping. Onsite, Starter Cables are quickly and easily inserted into the power–in/power–out Fixture Interceptor to distribute power to subsequent fixtures via modular Joiner Cables.
  • Nocom’s make or break under load capability enables areas to be lit as installed, thus eliminating troubleshooting, circuit connections and other delays.
  • Nocom’s built–in safety features, particularly the make or break under load capability, provide a comfort factor or maintenance personnel when working on units powered at up to 600 volts.
  • Nocom’s minimal number of required standard components reduces inventory costs and simplifies maintenance calls.
  • Nocom’s design facilitates retrofitting with all components reusable.
  • Nocom’s make or break under load interlocking components permit ballast or fixture replacement with minimal disruption to the building’s occupants.
  • Nocom’s Switching Interceptor supports quick and easy addition or relocation of lighting fixtures and/or switches via Nocom’s Switching Cable Set.
  • Nocom’s Switching Interceptor simplifies the subdivision of switching areas.
  • Nocom’s Switching Interceptor encourages the use of demountable/portable partitions containing pre-installed switching.