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Modular Wiring Case Studiesline

The Dominion Public Building: Built in 1904, TOBY Building of the Year in 2001

The recent $39-million interior renovation of the historically designated Dominion Public Building encompassed all seven floors of the Beaux Arts structure to create a technologically “smart” building, meeting all the requirements of modern offices.

The 38,195-square-metre Queenstone-limestone Dominion Public Building was renovated to consolidate the Revenue Canada offices that had been scattered around the city and provide offices for the Canada Industrial Relations Board and Public Service Commission. This meant upgrading the building infrastructure to serve a higher concentration of workstations.”

Strasman Architects Incorporated (SAI) shaped its renovations in sympathy with the original building, both revealing and duplicating some of the original detailing. For example, the bronze pendant lights are actually cast replicas from the original drawings.

“This is the first building in Canada with this type of integrated structured wiring system,” says Terry Dods of NOCOM, as quoted in Award Magazine. This design incorporated three NOCOM systems: Smart Light System , a lighting control system that is integrated in with the mechanical controls and branch wiring; NOCOM Modular Wiring System, which connects all lighting fixtures in a plug and play environment providing flexibility for relocations under a safety environment; and Smart Connect System, which provides a power distribution system from the panels to ceiling distribution boxes enhanced with nine-pin-configuration receptacles to provide the connection points for walls, systems furniture and relocatable equipment.

 “The structured cable system integrates the entire building control/building automation systems, LANs and voice-related services over a common platform and distinguishes this building as one of the fewer in Canada in which this has been done,” says Barrymore Simon of Prime Solutions Inc.

“This project is a prime example of the direction that the structured cabling industry is heading towards,” says Tim Smith, account manager at NORDX/CDT. “The key philosophy is to provide the greatest longevity or 'future proofing' in terms of the cabling investments that are being made by our customers.” The technical furniture, Systema’s Lanrack line, ensures that employees aren’t tangled in the cables by keeping the wires neatly tucked across the back of each installation. The ergonomically designed flexible furniture is well equipped, with backmounted power bars to meet the requirements of most end users.


JDS Uniphase

Nocom was proud to be selected by JDS Uniphase as the supplier of choice for over two and a half million square feet of office and lab facilities. Products selected were for all modular lighting connections, systems furniture, lab benches and wire ways. Providing the ultimate in flexibility to be able to move lab furniture, re-position lighting and relocate wire ways under lab benches to allow JDS a total efficient assembly line. Nocom’s products can all be re-positioned by non-trades people thus reducing labour costs on churns. The use of the Nocom under floor Modular Wiring System can reduce your labour content up to 80%. Major churn rate costs are reduced by the use of non-trade people due to our product being able to make or break under full load. A true safety device.