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INTELYO provides intelligent solutions (hardware, software, structure) to integrate different systems and devices to managed unified platform easily. Concept of the system is focused on high-performance and energy savings. Optimisation of costs and efficiency of the proposed objects. The system helps to obtain Energy Certification of buildings and assists in obtaining LEED points.

Driver for Embedded PC

Development of computer and Internet technology systems and IT approaches. PLC drivers are widely used but are being traded by more robust Embedded PC which significantly enhance the functionality of the system control and optimize the cost of an installation. Embedded PC-type Computers meet the increasing requirements of users of modern control systems and automation. An embedded PC mounted on a DIN rail work in "headless" mode. That is to say they do not require a keyboard, mouse and monitor. If necessary, it is possible to elaborate on typical PC buses and interfaces such as USB, DVI, VGA, Audio-Video. It is the main component allowing for expanded functionality and features for large industrial projects. At the heart of each embedded processor a simple Prescott processor clocks 128/266MHz after the latest solutions using Intel Atom 1.6GHz. The standard is LOM Ethernet where there are two or more network interfaces, often using WLAN or Bluetooth.

Operating system INTELYO

Optimized for INTELYO Building automation, embedded PC uses a dedicated OS INTELYOCore which connects an XML interface with devices based on TCP/IP. This allows you to visualize and control components for building automation with external visualizations. The basic structure for the visualization is defined in the INTELYO Manager software. Visualization processes are also possible in an INTELYO environment via HMI/SCADA. Full monitoring, energy analysis and archiving data is stored on database servers. INTELYO operating system storage is placed on a Compact Flash device. This approach avoids the loss of application data due to a driver failure making an unbootable system on a new backup installed by object support (just translate SD card to the new driver and run it).

Sustainable development of these technologies ensures the vanishing use of additional storage such as HDD type. The use of energy efficient processors does not require active cooling of the CPU. Embedded PC-type computers offers a wide range of possibilities. The can be used in both simple and complex automation tasks. The BECKHOFF embedded PC drivers are more comprehensive than simple PLCs and less expensive than computer type Industrial PCs. They are applicable in many control automation tasks in BMS.


Installing a BMS smart building system gives you the highest functionality by automating processes and additional features, which in conventional electrical installation would not be achievable. Work equipment may be dependent on the weather, time of day, the presence of the setting or specific users. The system can integrate with multiple systems and make decisions based on their reactions. BMS has practically unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the scalability of the platform integration we are able to meet most requirements. Our engineers will support in the selection of system and its functionality.


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