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MULTICONNECT™ from NOCOM®, the completely flush-to-floor outlets that provide power, voice and data connection through a single unit. Innovative by design and easily installed, Multiconnect outlets are the Best in Class choice of Architects, Designers and Electrical Contractors.

The Multiconnect™ outlet is ideal for applications where floor space must be unobstructed by a raised object. The attractive appearance and innovative design allows for maximum flexibility and functionality.

Multiconnect™ Products Have Been Installed for a Number of Clients in High Profile Buildings.

  • Open Office Space
  • Boardrooms
  • Reception Areas
  • Schools
  • Libraries
  • Malls
  • Shopping Centres
  • Airports
  • Condos
  • Country Homes
  • Museums
  • Computer Rooms
  • Big Box Retail Stores
  • Theatres

Multiconnect™ Floor Outlet Systems are currently being specified by Major Consultants and Designers

cCSAus approved


  • Totally enclosed and partitioned compartments for Power / Voice / Data in one unit
  • UL 2 hour fire rating
  • 4 to 10 jacks for Voice and Data in one unit
  • Threaded conduit openings reduce the risk of tampering (or need for access to connections) in ceiling space below
  • Terminations are accessible from the top of the unit
  • Receptacle can be Isolated Ground, GFI, or spec grade, fed with one or two circuits
  • Thru-Slab units fit a four inch round hole snugly and seals to ensure fire separation and structural integrity
  • Completely flush with 1/4 inch carpet or other flooring
  • Finish available in stainless steel, brass or black
  • Fast, simple installation (locknut eliminates need for concrete anchors)
  • Can be installed through floor before or after carpet installation
  • Slab Unit can be poured into slab for Slab-On-Grade construction
  • Units are UL 514C scrub tested and approved


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